Why is testosterone important to a woman's health?
Women naturally produce three sex hormones: testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. While estrogen and progesterone are common hormones heard of in women's health, testosterone often takes a back seat. However, testosterone is essential for maintaining energy levels, a healthy libido, and bone health.
Lower than normal testosterone levels can cause:
Women with low testosterone may experience:
How does AndroFeme® work?
AndroFeme® is the only licensed hormone replacement therapy cream featuring bioidentical hormones specifically prescribed for women with low testosterone levels.

With every 1 ml of AndroFeme® 1% you receive 10 mg of bioidentical testosterone. At the recommended dose, each tube should last around 100 days making it very economical to purchase.

Testosterone levels are best checked in the morning, and you should have the test done on your testosterone levels according to the free androgen index (FAI). Ideally, you should be tested before you begin therapy and then once again after you have begun to take the testosterone to measure how effective the hormone replacement therapy is.
Dosing Information
Ideal testosterone levels in women should be achieved with a starting dose of 0.5 ml of AndroFeme® 1% per day. The cream should be applied to a large area of skin, typically the inner arms and the upper thigh or abdomen, and sometimes to the vulva according to direction by your physician.
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AndroFeme 1% Cream for Women
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